Great question!  If you visit my Services page, you will see what each of my Standard Packages includes and where the investment generally starts for each Package.  That being said, once you officially inquire on your date, location, and guest count, I will be able to give you a solid quote! 

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I love this question!  Let me be clear, I do not think there is any certain way that a Wedding "should be", but my personal favorite Weddings are small, intimate, minimal Weddings with modern decor.  I love an indoor winter Wedding too - all the cozy intimacy for me, please!

Short answer: Yes!  You can hire me for Design work only!

Longer answer:  The Package I actually book the most is Day-of Coordination, where I help couples who have planned their own Weddings bring all of the nitty gritty together so that their hard work can actually pay off with an event that runs smoothly day-of.  I love my Full-Planning clients, but I have such a limited number of you that I can work with each year, so adding on A La Carte Design work is a great way to get your Wedding jump started, have some beautiful Mood Boards from a professional, and then get to work planning yourself! 

how much does it cost to hire you?

What are your favorite kinds of weddings?

can we hire you for design help, but plan ourselves?

It varies a bit on the Package and the clients.  Everyone has a different working style, and I love to align with my couples up front so that I can honor the format and cadance that works best for everyone.  For my Day-of Coordination clients we typically have an Initial Planning Meeting to align on the overview of their Wedding, and then they might ask me for occasional advice or input along the way, but we don't generally talk consistently until the month of the Wedding when Day-of Coordination really comes into play. 

For my Full Planning Clients there are many more up-front conversations as we align on Design Direction, Mood Boards, Budget, etc.  I use a shared Work Flow tool & app that we communicate through, as well as monthly Panning check-ins, but ultimately communication is unlimited for this package!

A La Carte clients vary, but generally there is a set time that our contract is for and we talk as much as we can/want during that time!

how often will we talk to you?

We have seen a lot of Weddings, and our favorite part?  That each is uniquely different, and we think that's just the way it should be.

When asked what my strength is as a Designer/Planner I respond:
"Advocating for each couple for their event to be as representative of their love and personalities as possible."

We create & cultivate moments that take your breath away, with zero distratcion or stress so that you can fully immerse within them to create those 'forever' memories.

honoring every couple and  the uniqueness of their love

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